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M.A.C., its main objective is the sound that performs within the spaces. Our focus on architectural acoustics defines our approach, and ensures that we go on shaping performance buildings that are in step with the evolving concerns of performers, audiences and institutions.

M.A.C. works with leading architects to create concert hall, multipurpose performance hall, church sanctuary and theatre, venues of all types for music, dance, opera and drama, and facilities for broadcasting and film production.

M.A.C. provides audio-visual system design consultancy services in television production, film production and radio production industries. Our services are including system design, project monitoring, testing and commissioning, and on-site training.

M.A.C. also provides services in computer simulations for prediction of the acoustics performance of the halls, opera, cinema and auditoria. Measurement tools should be applied for data collection on-site, and computer applications to be adopted for simulation and analysis after on-site measurement. It is used to predict the effect of building changes on room acoustics of a planned building and predict the effect of building changes on room acoustical properties. It is also used to improve room acoustics of existing buildings.

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